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If it’s web related we can do it. Our main service areas are listed below but we also do consultations, graphic design, training and more.

Planning & Strategy

Planning and Strategy is the most important part of a website build. By taking the time to work out what goals you want to achieve with your website, profile your target market, and plan the most effective way to promote your content you are creating a strong base on which to build your online presence.


Designing for web is a specific skill. We take into account not only how your website will look but how it will be experienced by your end user. We design sites to function cleanly, responsively and easily as well as being a strong representation of your brand, appealing to your target audience and optimised to achieve your goals.

Website Development

We aim to build a system that removes the complexity and allows you the flexibility to easily update and maintain your content via a WordPress based Content Management System. We write code that is clean, well structured and SEO friendly and make extensive use of Open Source Software, so you get the benefit of a wealth of online knowledge and community.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our Hosting and Maintenance services mean that we can take care of getting your website online, setting up your domain name and email addresses, backing up your data, updating plugins, themes and security and checking your site is functioning as it should. This leaves you free to focus on promoting your business.


A selection of our recent work

A site update with custom templating and functionality.

Planning and StrategyInterface DesignWeb BuildTech Support and Maintenance

Consultation, planning and advice and customisation.

Planning and StrategyInterface DesignDigital Post ProductionWeb BuildTech Support and Maintenance

Online course enrolment, payments, community events and more.

Planning and StrategyWeb DesignInterface DesignWeb BuildTech Support and Maintenance

A new look website and email system.

Planning and StrategyInterface DesignWeb BuildTech Support and Maintenance

A clean and modern look with lots of integrations.

Planning and StrategyWeb DesignInterface DesignWeb Build

A community website design and build.

Planning and StrategyWeb DesignInterface DesignGraphic DesignWeb BuildTech Support and Maintenance


Who, What, How, Why?

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Futurestorm is Murray and Andrea Chapman. We are a Website and Internet technology company based in North Eastern Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is to develop websites and participate as contractors in projects of various sizes that accurately meet the needs of the client. We are not into ego tripping so we speak everyday language. We listen to our clients and we really love it when we see our clients smile and thank us for delivering projects of an expected professional standard (if not more).

  • What We Do

    What We Do

    Collectively, we have 20 years experience in Web Design, Interface and Interaction Design and User Experience (UX). We have also been involved in various external website projects since 2001.

    We enjoy exploring the possibilities that the World Wide Web (WWW) offers and we love to talk code, pixels, cats and colour.

  • How We Work

    How We Work

    We meet with you, listen to you, discuss ideas, evaluate solutions and at all times, take your thoughts, direction and dreams seriously. We are also realists so we will at all times attempt to let you know if we feel something will not work well and always offer an alternative.

    We respect design ideas by the client but also wish clients to acknowledge and respect our professional outlook on Web Design and best practise for design and content. Our aim is to make your content shine while maintaining a high degree of accessibility for your viewers and intuitive interactivity on all relevant viewing devices.

  • Why We Do What We Do

    Why We Do What We Do

    We believe that the Internet is an amazing tool for sharing information and that everyone should have access to it. We see the passion our clients have for their ideas, their products and their services and we want to help them get that out into the world.

    In our experience working in the web industry we have seen to many examples of people being given a second rate website or a half done job and charged too much for it. We desire to use our skills for good, not evil and we won’t hand over anything we are not proud to put our name on.

    In short, we love what we do and it shows.

The amazing team

Let us introduce ourselves…



Design and Development

Andrea's favourite things are coffee, choc chip cookies, cheese and red wine, animals of any kind, Alice in Wonderland, and of course, art and design. She is a passionate photographer/digital artist and is happiest curled up with her laptop creating something.



Programming and Testing

Murray is an art, standards and design addict that sees creative possibilities in mostly everything. Paint, pigment, graphite, pixels and code. Love them all.



Stealing Office Chairs

Emmy is FutureStorm's resident bug catcher and is usually found curled up on her blanket with one eye open, waiting for someone to stand up so she can steal their chair. She is also particularly partial to the warm air from the fan on the back of the computer.

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